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Village of Fossanova

Who we are



Red Palazzo is a project that was born with the idea of recovering the ancient residence of the Cardinal Commendatory (15th century) making it a Guest House where the ancient plasters are combined with the most modern comforts, giving the guest the experience of staying in a structure permeated with history and at the same time convenient and comfortable.


The building is spread over three floors and has common areas that lend themselves well to the most varied activities: hospitality, team building, shooting, film set, rallies, themed dinners and much more.


Our mission, together with the other properties and activities present in the Borgo, is to deliver an entire Borgo, where we can bring together people who, throughout their stay, can enjoy the entire Fossanova area as if it were their own home.


The guest can fully enjoy both the Borgo and the different experiences located both in the immediate surroundings and a few kilometers away.



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