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Red Palazzo

The Red Palazzo family is happy to welcome you to our beloved property . A palace from the 1500s handed down from generation to generation now opens its doors to anyone who wants to indulge in an experience they will hardly forget.

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The richness of its history, comparable to the possibilities it offers

Following an important and responsible renovation, the building now offers the opportunity to stay immersed in history without sacrificing modern comforts and functionality. This contrast, carefully studied by a specialized architect, is the result of the attention paid to even the smallest details, which we know well make the difference.

The village where Red Palazzo stands, Fossanova, is surrounded by wonderful possibilities to live and visit, the experiences are countless and the surrounding area includes the beautiful sea with its sandy beaches up to the characteristic hills foundations of medieval villages and castles.

terrazzo red palazzo


We strongly believe in love and we know how important this day is for you.

 For this we at RedPalazzo have created a package dedicated solely to the  wedding night.

  Treat yourself to the entire building at your disposal  disposition staying in the most exclusive room with an enchanting balcony overlooking the Abbey and the entire village.


The building has six double bedrooms, one communicating single and six bathrooms on two floors. In addition to a large terrace, an important dining room, a living room and a large eat-in kitchen with fireplace, modern and equipped, for a total of about 700sqm.

The offer includes the exclusive use of the entire structure.


Discover the upcoming events scheduled to not miss the opportunity to live them together,   look at the past ones and contact us if you are interested in organizing your own using our facilities or for a collaboration to make it unique.

We are always available for clarifications on locations, solutions for catering and logistics within the Borgo.

We are waiting for you!


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The village of Fossanova

the Borgo was born on an ancient Benedictine settlement of the sixth century on the remains of a Roman villa where, in 1098, the Abbey was founded and belonged to the Cistercian order
as well as the oldest example of Gothic-Cistercian style present in Italy.

A family village returned with love and respect to people

The complex operations that led, over the years, to the acquisition of the entire Borgo by our family began in March 1900.

In recent years, in addition to the characteristic small businesses present in some of our structures such as the Caffè dei Guitti, the
pastry shop or small riding school,
other realities were born that are perfectly integrated into the context
developing a perfect balance between modern and ancient:


The Forno del Procoio

Perfumes, flavors and emotions 

Attention to detail, attention to raw materials and seasonal flavors are the most characteristic of this restaurant, without forgetting availability and an eye for intolerances and allergies.

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The coffee of the Guitti

The wine shop and café in the heart of the village

Over the years, the café has been joined by a wine shop with wines and spirits carefully selected by Vincenza Senarighi, owner and sommelier . A fascinating and enchanting place to release stress and enjoy a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

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The Foresteria

The rooms for events and a garden of possibilities

Its arch between Borgo and Campagna is  the gateway to a location, with versatile rooms and gardens available for the organization of any type of event.

From wedding to conference, from team building to business lunch, from brunch to concert, there are endless potentialities of this place nestled in the most beautiful village in the countryside.

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The Red Houses

Le  Casette, each with its own personality, carries within the story of the people who lived them and the names of the ladies who have made the everyday life of the Borgo special over the years.

Perfect for medium and long term stays, or for a weekend getaway.


They have different sizes, one or two bedrooms, fireplace, bathroom, kitchenette, sitting room. Entirely restored medieval warehouses, which have kept the charm of the time and the value of the history of the place.

The recently restored houses have been furnished in the spirit of conservation and enhancement of the place, preserving the pleasant flavor that only a welcoming atmosphere can restore.


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